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… the soft sound lilting from the kitchen of grandma humming a tune i never knew but can never forget
… the way mommy’s hands looked so sad dangling behind daddy’s headrest in the car – but would “cheer up” the minute I made contact with her and we held hands through the ride
… how daddy found himself funniest in his jokes and didn’t care
… the care and comfort granny took to speak to us like human beings yet still discipline us like children needed
… the unconditional healing power of mom’s embrace – be it bad day at work, boyfriend break-up or 9/11.
… the hidden sweetness in daddy hearing me say I loved something just once – then bringing it home…. every. single. night. (Baby Ruths, Corn Pops Cereal, pan de yuca, softserve Carvel vanilla)
… the mesmerizing spin of spools of thread and the rapidfire gah-gah-gah-gah of the machine stitching as granny meticulously fed every piece of cloth.
… the instant return to childhood my mom would take when I tickled her ear.
… the pride on my daddy’s face when he’d call me in to spray his favorite cologne on his tie before going to church to play the organ

… the sounds, smells and FEELING of a place full of people who knew me before I knew myself.

I’m just really missing them all today.



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