Throw some Ds On It

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Yesterday I went on an unplanned excursion (aren’t those the best) with my bff Max to a store called La Petite Coquette (the little flirt as per their direct translation). It’s a famous lingerie store in the village that Max wanted to visit to get some new underthings. The store is small and crowded with customers and clothing and frilly tables and lots of drapery. It was bustling (no pun intended) with clientele on account of their Black Friday sale.

So we went in and were waited on by Rebecca herself – the owner of the store and the name on which all the stars signed their autographed portraits to. The likes of the SATC girls, Rosario Dawson, Martha Stewart and Brooke Shields. And I can see why. Rebecca LOVES what she does. She does it with efficiency, knowledge, a wonderful attitude and chipper witty commentary. She knows her bras and knows what looks best on a woman. I asked her if she could fit me, because the last time I got fitted was a dogs age ago. She said sure. I took my top off and asked me to burn the bra I currently was wearing. “It does NOTHING for you, honey” – What I already knew. So she sized me up visually and said… “What do you THINK you are?’ And I said – a 38 D last time I checked. She said… “Close. I think that you’re a Double… let’s see…” and proceeded to bring down from shelves gorgeous lace and lined bras ready for the fitting. I prompted – “I usually get lined bras because my nipples… well… they have a mind of their own.” To this she responded, “You’d be very popular in Europe.” “All well and good,” I said, “but when I’m in meetings trying to keep the attention of minds, it’s distracting.” She agreed and we went back to trying on pretty bras. The prettiest of them – a lace cup that held me perfectly, did not give me torpedoes, and looked great under a tight tee. Only 175 bucks. But one day – that’ll be a standard and I won’t bat an eye to it. She let me try on several bras w/o restriction even though I told her that I’d not be purchasing today. She was just as attentive, even though she was leaving for Europe in an hour (she was frustrated because her friend only gave her 1 day to get it together and they’re going to the spa – oh such challenges).

At the counter while Max was checking out I peeped these really cute black satin and pearl cat ‘o’ nine tail / riding crops. AH-DORE-ABLE. Not so cute for 119 bucks. I felt it up though… I can make my own. Getting in touch with my inner Domme lately. Eh. A discussion for another day. LOL. All in all a really good experience. And? I got some double Ds ?



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