Strange Dreams (again)

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Last nights dream was bizarre, but I’m beginning to think that’s the only kind of dreams alloted to me lately.

I was visiting a friend (who by what she looks like in the dream… I’ve never seen or met this woman before in real life). And her house is far out in the suburbs of either Long Island or New Jersey. BIG, spacious beautiful house on expansive land. I dare say the house nearly qualifies as a mansion with it’s “east” and “west” wings and green house in the back where she seemed to like to spend so much time that there was a little tea table and chairs set up right on the edge of it so she could watch her garden grow. During this particular visit, this friend tells me, it’s not her house… it’s her recently departed Father’s house. She was sure that he left it to her in his will and she was looking for what to do with it next after the Will reading would take place next week (in the dream, of course). It was too much house for just her and she knew that it would just be another point of argument for her and her 10 siblings who’ve been methodically rationing out everything to themselves in their heads in lieu of the reading of the will. But she had an understanding with her dad and knew he’d leave the house up to her.

She proceeded to give me a tour of this house. It was VAST. Huge foyer, stairwell, living room area, parlour and dining room. A Kitchen with an island and huge storage freezer and mexican tile floors. The basement, which was the only part i didn’t love was furnished but there seemed to be a pre existing issue with flooding that was apparant to me. Then the up stairs. Off to the side of the living room area, there seemed to be some loft stairs that led to a full level the size of the living room area, unfurnished but finished and ready to be lived in. It had a separate entrance. In the dream I think… this would be perfect for Domi… And THAT area had an upstairs (so it was a duplex apartment within the house). And the upstairs portion had a kitchen, parlour, living room – was completely furnished in cherry wood and blue carpeting. There was even a bar in the corner parlour. And then I knew it’d be perfect for Domi to entertain and have get togethers and genuinely enjoy his life. I found myself really wanting the house and feeling that pang of envy / admiration for folks that have their own thing that way and subsequently brushed it off as I always do, knowing I’ll have mine – it’ll just take a little more work and I’ll have what I always wanted.

We get back down to the garden parlour and she laments to us (Earl and I) how she’d just like to get rid of the house. She doesn’t want to deal with agents and real estate brokers. So I ask her, what’s the going rate for the house. And her eyes light up. “Victoria? you’d want the house?” And I say, “Well, who wouldn’t? It’s gorgeous… but who can afford it?” And she begins to smile and muse in her chair like she just hit the jackpot. “Victoria – if you want this house, I’ll meet you at your price point. You name it… it’s yours!” Taken aback I dismiss this as a joke and shake my head. It’s impossible that such a deal could be presented to me so casually. She stands up and sticks her hand out, “I mean it, Victoria. It would give me no greater pleasure than to have you be the recipient of this house.” I stand up and we negotiation (Mostly her telling me) that she’ll sell me this expansive house for $5000. And I can’t believe it. Tentatively she says, “we just have to go to the will reading tomorrow and all will be solidified.” I try to hold back my hopes but in my mind I’m making plans for every room already. A house… one of my very own…

The will reading takes place in the blink of an eye and in it, my friends father decrees that the house shall be left to be divided amongst all the siblings. Citing how many years of memories took place… all the bickering and backstabbing that took place in the house should also be the demise of the house. “Good riddance,” he says, “to you all and your argumentative natures. Have one last great fight on me.” Almost instantaneously, all 10 siblings get up and start arguing. Sitting there with Earl and Dominic, I shake my head and say “There will be no resolution of this today or anytime in the near future. Our search continues…” And we stand up and walk out of the door past the flailing arms and hands on hips and elevated voices.

And I wake up with this song in my head.

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