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The title of this post is stated just like Jermaine does in this clip at 0:26

So… funny conversation with the new gyn today (this already sounds like it’s going down hill, huh?)
Not Funny “ha ha” but funny like… Whaaaaa….?

She was going down the list of all the medical history questions and ailment and what not.

Dr.: Any history of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse?
Me: Yeah, I was abused as a child
Dr.: Sexually?
Me: Yes.
Dr.: Oh… did you seek some help about that?
Me: Yeah, back in college.
Dr.: Are you okay now?
Me: Wait…. I get to be okay at some point?
Dr.: ((silence))
Me: ((smug))
Dr.: I’m very sorry.
Me: It’s okay – gotta keep a light humor about it.
Dr.: Okay… ((reading down the list)) any STDs?
Me: *thinking* boy, that list sets her up for epic failure, huh?

Outside of her twitch that makes her blink EXTRA hard, she seems to be a good doctor. Hope she doesn’t disappear like the other quack.


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