What’s the Plan

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People…. I tell ya…

When my hair was relaxed and straight (which was for about 24 years of my life), I would wash it once a week, style it in some way that might last for about that long (so mostly a wrap resulting in a bob) that I’d unravel in the morning and put a dollop of moisturizer in or leave in conditioner, comb and go. And for all those years, all I got was “oh… Your hair looks nice” or “gosh, it’s getting so long!” Or “it’s so shiny!”. And folks would move along. That was cool and it worked for then.

I did my big chop on June 21, 2008 and felt wonderful. I was finally going to know what my REAL texture felt like. All that time transitioning, whenever I would touch my new growth, it was like expecting a baby (I imagine). You have an idea of what it’ll be like, but you won’t KNOW until it’s out.

The first few months of it being short were a learning period for me. Getting to learn how many different textures there were and how they’d all need their own special attention and care. Not necessarily different products, but a different way of touching them, manipulating them and arranging them. In my TWA phase (teeny weeny afro) I got a lot of ooohs and aaahhhs about being ballsy enough to chop it off. One comment that hipped me to the future was “You’re lucky it’s curly and not kinky…”. I was initially taken aback thinking – I would have had to love whatever sprouted up because THAT was the REAL me. So if it WAS indeed a head full of tight, kinky, seemingly unmanageable naps…. Then that would be ME and I’d love it.

So now I wake up every morning, unwrap my hair from it’s night tie, condition wash my hair (yes, every morning), lightly towel dry or “plop”, tousle and let air dry all day. It ends up in a crown of shiny curls and kinks that frame my ears and face that I love. And now, I get “oh my gosh, your hair is so shiny…” Or “wow it’s getting so long so fast…” or “it looks so nice”. The difference is, now? All those statements are immediately followed by “what are you going to do with it next??”


I have to have a game plan for my hair? I dunno…. I was thinking of rinsing and repeating. It’s so strange. 24 years of damned near the same style EVERY SINGLE DAY and there was no desire to have it be any different than the day before or know what was the next step. But now there has to be a performance schedule for my hair. “Well on Tuesday it’ll be performing Afro puffs then corn rows on Thurs and perhaps a twist out on Friday….” No one asks me what my game plan to buy a house is; no one asks me what my game plan to become financially free is; No one is asking me how I intend to help President Obama’s plan for change along. But the world wants to know what I’m gonna “do” with my hair next.

NO…. I’m not going to braid it – that’s never been my style. NO… I’m not going to twist it – that looks all sorts of wrong on me. MAYBE … I’ll press it and wear it straight on occasion. WHEN I’M 45… I will begin the process of locking it – ONLY if I decide to follow Rastafarianism – because it has to be that serious (I realize that’s not just a hairstyle… it’s a way of life). And NO… NEVER will I EVER put the chemical fire cream to my follicles again.

Until I do something else…. I’m just growing my hair, letting it breathe and letting it be. Now you have my game plan.

What are YOU doing with your hair??



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