I Want To Go Home…

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We’ve said it all of our lives.

Sometimes… we’re caught in the rain or snow. Or whatever unfavorable climate.

Sometimes… we’ve had a really bad day at school. Or at work.

Sometimes… we’ve been somewhere … we really don’t want to be.

And all we can think of… are the comforts of home. Everyone knows us there. Everything familiar is there. And that’s the only place in the world we can imagine ourselves being. It’s almost like… as soon as we walk through the doors, we get to leave everything that ails us on the other side of it. It’s our safe haven. Our sanctuary. Our refuge.

Those words have never had quite the same tone on them and will never for those of you who’ve never heard them uttered by a loved one who is sick and / or dying.

“I want to go home.”

It’s the most dispiriting phrase at times… because you don’t know what you can do about it. Or even if that’s the best choice or not.

They’re discharging mom on Wednesday.



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