The Black List

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HBO’s Documentary – The Black List

If you’ve not seen it – definitely something to make time for. Just hearing these people talk about the Black Experience in America and in the world from their different accomplished points of view made for a very uplifting night. A polar opposite to the “how-unfortunate-are-we” regard from the CNN “Black In America”. Not to say that there wasn’t truth in it, but if you’re telling a story, tell the WHOLE story.

My faves: Toni Morrison (go Soror) on what freedom really means to her; Kareem Adbdul Jabar and his story of meeting and becoming friends with Miles Davis; Chris Rock and the gross exaggerations of White America concerning the Black Experience; Al Sharpton on how we have given the “hip hop” generation nothing to hold on to (you have to hear it, I was QUITE surprised to be in agreement with him); Even Sean Puffy-Pop-P-Diddy-Papa Combs sounded sincere about his “rise” (but I know better than to ever think a sincere word could be uttered by him… it just SOUNDED so).

Biggest Surprise?

This guy right here:

Slash of Guns ‘N’ Roses fame

One of my favorite guitarists HANDS DOWN. But I always assumed that given the company of his first famous band affiliation, Guns ‘n’ Roses, well… that he was white. But he popped up on The Black List Documentary as one of the first people to offer his commentary and I sat there the whole time like… Slash is black???? REALLY???? But I wasn’t the only one… Contrary to what my co-worker wants me to believe.

Everyone’s a critic!



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