I’m the crazy one

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I’m the crazy one.

So, yeah. I’ve not been on here much. Because there’s just too much going on – between the world in general and the planning and the crap and the bs. I just don’t have time.

But I have made a startling discovery. Every problem that any relationship has ever had upon retrospect… I’m the one to blame.

No. Seriously.

I’m the crazy one. I’m the one who has it all wrong. I have these… wild expectations from people and then I turn around and don’t want to be held to the same standards. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before. I’m not sure how I black out and just behave that way. But I’m trying to take steps to manage it. Maybe I’ll seek some professional assistance.

That’s probably the right answer. Until then, I’ll just try not to say or ask for much. Just kind of be self-sufficient in all arenas. Then no one can say that I asked for or demanded anything from them till I get to the bottom of this.



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