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I am haunted by ghosts on a regular basis. I see things floatong across my vision that trigger my periphereal all the time. My skin crawls regularly for no reason at all feeling like someone’s touch or gentle nudge trying to get my attention. And when I sleep – of course, dreams of my alternate universes. They seem really real while i’m in them and then… Just shadows of reality when I awake.

I think to myself a lot – how would I be in any other life? Seems awefully charmed that living in lower / middle class America – having never really been DIRT poor (or aware of it if I was) – opportunities abounding for me, never been directly affected by war, famine, drought or general suffering. One might say I’m really spoiled. I wonder if I could make it in another life. One where black people are the dominant race. One where Matriarchs are royalty. Or one like this reality where women are still objectified and their bodies mutilated. Can I even imagine my own female body “circumsized?” (castrated is more like it). Or my limbs missing from the practice of mining for diamonds to drizzle from rich and sheltered hands, necks and wrists.

We do have it really easy when you think about it.



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