Outage and other worldly ills

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Outage and other worldly ills

It’s been a minute since I chimed in about my general disgust with the world and the things happening in it.

Since it’s closest to home and my power happened to go out in my room this morning and scare the daylights (no pun intended) outta me… The Power Monopoly – aka Con Ed is doing the absolute worst performance it can at tis time. Astoria, Woodside, parts of Corona, and a couple of places in Jackson Heights, Queens have been out of power for a little over a week now. A WEEK!!!! The whole Northeast Corridor lost power 3 years ago on a wednesday and they had it figured out by the weekend. Seems like some folks in Staten Island lost power last week and are back in the light a day & a half later. Soo… Why make the Astoria / woodside people suffer?

I concede that it could be a specific kind of problem that didn’t affect the other areas and this kind takes 2 weeks to figure out. But then to give those residents and business owners the okie doke on some “we’ll give everyone $350 to compensate for perishables”. What??? If I speak JUST for the grocers in the area, $350 ain’t doin’ a damn for them. And the mealy mouthed CEO of Con Ed sitting on high in air conditioning drinking cool evian mutters “we’re working as fast as we can”.

Diagnosis and solution:

Psst – Con-Man-Ed… Wanna know the problem???


It’s bad enough that you have apt comlpexes out the wazoo and every year, more of the rooms withon get an AC – but every time I look at what used to be an empty lot, one of these 3 / 4 / 10 family what I affectionately refer to as”Fedders” homes is going up. The power grid was NOT built to withstand this volume of demand. It was strugglng in the past… But now it’s pretty out of hand. What do I recommend??


The pressure is offa you and onto the gas and oil companies at that point. Reinforce the grid at THAT time. Someone get the surveyor schema to see what’s going up around the city and in what time line and then overcompensate. Wtf?? People are getting sick and dying because of their in competence (this heat wave is for reeeeeal in NY right now).

Con Ed – get ON IT. And hurry the fuck UP! If that grid hits my neighborhood and something happens to my parents – that’ll be a situation you can’t solve.



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