Okay so it works now…

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I was really struggling with this thing last night. Getting into a habit is hard to do but worse when the environment around won’t allow for you to maintain it. I’m trying to stay bloggin… but damn Blogger.com… they’re ALWAYS having issues. I’m looking into something stand alone. Sooner rather than later. *sigh* Always moving around. Must be my destiny.

So what was so important that I had to blog about last night?? Who the eff knows now. I effin forgot! And,¬†of course, I didn’t write it down anywhere else, because I wasn’t thinking. I was just mad.

The rain was falling last night like there might be a need for an ark. I love listening to the rain. It calms and excites me all at the same time. I guess my baby learned something new about me with that. The sound of the rain is just so… moving… *wink* Perfect soundtrack to love making and laying around all day. Just the way God intended. Must be the libations.

Gave myself a facial last night. My skin is super smooth now… Yaay! I’ve just been indulging in myself the last week or so. Appreciating what I have that is awesomely put together by God. Casual me today… jeans, blouse, pumps. I might go out with Shar later. We’ll see.

Hope this posts. LMAO!



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