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I can never resist these… Thanks to my Girl Zan for this one!

What is the geekiest part of your music collection? No music is ever geeky.

What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night? I don’t raid the fridge at night.

What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie? The Color Purple… the part when Sug Avery leads the sinners in song to her Father’s Church… wooooo *tearing up*

If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done? My tummy… take it away!!!

Do you have a completely irrational fear? I live in New York City. Believe me, they’re rational.

What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moment? I talk to fill up silences

Are you a pyromaniac? Not anymore.

Do you have too many love interests? Used to… but I narrowed it down to 1.

Do you know anyone famous? Too many

Describe your bed: Entirely too small and rigid.

Spontaneous or planned? Straddling the fence…

Who should play you in a movie about your life? Folks have mentioned that Nia Long reminds them of me (attitude wise circa Love Jones); Gabrielle Union maybe… (attitude only… NO one looks like me 🙂

Do you know how to play poker? Umm.. no. but I’m trying to learn

What do you carry with you at all times? Camera, Cellphone, wallet

What do you miss most about being a kid? Being allowed to be inquisitive and introspective.

Are you happy with your given name? I wasn’t at first, but I love it now.

How much money would it take to get you to give up the Internet for one year? 40 million bucks

What color is your bedroom? Dusty Rose with White trim

What was the last song you were listening to? She Don’t Have to Know – John Legend

Have you ever been in a play? Yes – Grease (in High School)

Have you ever been in love? More times than I care to count.

Do you talk a lot? Sometimes

Do you like yourself and believe in yourself? Now I do. Back in the day… eh… not so much.

Do transient, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you? Sometimes when I feel like they’re lying or not using all their ability.

Do you consider yourself to be a nice person? Overly so.

Do you spend more time with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends? It’s about 50 50 now

What is your ideal marriage location? Wow… haven’t thought it out yet…

Which musical instrument do you wish you could play? Cello or Viola… maybe bass. I like big string instruments

Favorite fabric? Satin.

Something you love and hate? Excitement

What kind of bedding do you use? I like cotton and flannel sheets. Something to make me feel protected and warm.

Do you tell your friends about your sex life? Nah… no need to really elaborate.

What’s the one language you want to learn? Japanese

How do you eat an apple? Peeled and sliced

What do you order at a bar? Sweet things (liquers)… or wine.

Have you ever pierced your body parts? Just my earlobes

Do you have tattoos? Not one.

Do you drive a stick? *tee hee*….

What’s one trait you hate in a person? Deceptiveness

What kind of watch(es) do you have? One that my bestfriend bought me after years of me hinting to men that I needed a watch. Thanks Sug!

Most frivolous purchase? A New VAIO Laptop

Do you consider yourself materialistic? I’m not… but the society forces me to believe that I should be.

What do you cook the best? Pastries, cookies and cakes.

Favorite writing instrument? any pen… I LOVE to write.

Do you prefer to stand out or blend in? Stand out.

Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? Been there, done that.

What’s the one car you will never buy? Mini Moto. I’m a tall girl with thickness. I’d never fit

What kind of books do you like to read? Self Enhancing, Empowerment books.

If you won the lottery, what would you do? Pay off loans. Buy a house. Clearout my family’s debt… Live prosperously – Lay a foundation for someone to come…

Burial or cremation? Used to be Burial… but I’m beginning to feel like… Cremation is the way.

How many online journals do you read regularly? about 10

What’s one thing you’re a sore loser at? I’m awefully competitive……

If you don’t like a person, how do you show it? Avoidance.

Do you cry in front of your friends? Haven’t in years. But I would.

What kind of first impression do you think you give to people? Sincere, knowledged, sweet.

What’s one thing you like to do alone? Arts and crafts of any kind.

Are you a giver or a taker? Much more of a giver.

When’s the last time you cried? Last Tuesday… *sigh*

Favorite communication method? E-mail or letters. I prefer time to reflect before talking. How many drinks before you’re tipsy? bout 4 if wine… 3 if hard liquor.

Do you think you’re cute? Sometimes

Do you have problems changing clothes in front of friends? Sometimes…

First Name: Victoria

Were you named after anyone? My paternal Grandmother.

Do you wish on stars? Used to…

Which finger is your favorite? My Pinky 🙂

Who are you more like – your mother or your father? Mommy.

Do you like your handwriting? Yes. When I take my time

What is your favorite lunch meat? Ham.

Any bad habits? Self Doubt.

What’s in your CD player right now? D’Angelo’s Brown Sugar

Do you believe in soul mates? Used to… Love is something you WORK towards.

Are you a daredevil? Um… nah.

Have you ever told a secret you swore not to? Yeah… but it was really really important.

Do looks matter? Depends for what.

Have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid? Yup.

Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Nope – rainbows are circlular.

Are you trendy? Um… nah.

How do you release anger? I scream as loud as I can into a pillow. Or hold it in and ball it up till it fosters an ulcer or something.

Where are your second homes? My baby’s house… work…

Do you trust others easily? I do… unfortunately. They start with 100% and work their way down.

What was your favorite toy as a child? My little bunny, Nancy… she’d sing to me before i went to sleep. Gosh I miss her…

What class in school did you think was totally useless? I LOVED SCHOOL!!!

Do you have a journal? You’re reading it.

Have you been in a mosh pit? Yeah. *ouch*

What do you look for in a boy/girl? Earl.

What are your nicknames? Victoria, Vicky, Vic, Shortstop (just my brother calls me that)

Would you ever bungee jump? nah.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? umm… depends.

Do you think that you are strong? Could be stronger.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla… Coconut (in that order)

What’s your favorite color? Red.

What is your least favorite food? Liver… YUCK

How many wisdom teeth do you have? Two

Are you in love with anyone? Madly

How many people have a crush on you right now? No one I know about.

Who do you miss most right now? My granny

What are you wearing? black decolte top with fringe and black boot cut jeans with pointy pumps

What are you listening to right now? HOT97…

What was the last thing you ate? Chicken Fingers

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Brown Sienna

How is the weather right now? undecided

Who is the last person you talked to on the phone? My sweetie Pumpkin

What do you wear to bed? Teeshirt.


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