Negligence is Bliss

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I’ve been so not keeping up with my blog. I’m on vacation in more ways than one. I’m really enjoying these days off. I look in the mirror and feel like I look younger. I’ve been cleaning my room to the core, truly throwing things away that I don’t need and organizing the things I keep. Found a MESS of my poems from… (get this) the 6th grade. HILARIOUS!!! I was too deep for a kid. I needed to lighten up! Spending some quality time with the family and just overall sleeping as late as I want and waking up feeling refreshed. I have so much to catch up on but I don’t know if I have the patience to do it all right now. I took some pictures last week that I really like… here they are:

The ways he makes me happy are boundless.

I got at letter in the mail from the US Dept of Education that made me jump for joy:

I will most CERTAINLY call!! *woohoo!* So much for me not being good marriage material. I’m on the road now! Funny because I was on the phone with the agent that I was making the final payment to and he said “So, Victoria… why aren’t you married yet?” and I said to him “because YOU have to call me every month!!” and he said… “Well… not anymore :)” Yeaaaaahhhh baby!!

Had a good turn out at the BGLO Family Reunion. I’m really happy about it. And my baby made good on his promise to not hurt himself. Yaaay! And I get to go away with him this weekend. Much to do before then, though… and sleep is needed…



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