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So today was pretty productive. I got a lot of things squared away at work. I didn’t putz around half as much today as I did yesterday, so it felt good to accomplish something. Then after work Dee and I went to get well deserved Manicures / Pedicures at Bloomies. Before I left work, I spoke with my baby and told him that Dee and i would go get our nails done after work and if he wanted to meet up with me afterwards, we could do something together. So he said sure. Of course between that time that we spoke and I sat down to the lacquering of my nails, he and I didn’t speak again. I sat there at the drying table looking at the pouring rain and wondering how I could get in touch with my baby quickly so that he could come rescue us. No sooner did I think that than did a warm cheek brush against mine and kiss me. I was about to smack someone… but I turned and it was him. He figured that this was the last place I got my nails done and so he was trying to call me all evening. He tried swinging by there before he gave up and went home. And with his beautiful eagle eyes, he spotted me in there getting my nails dried.

I just couldn’t stop smiling. Always there. Right on time. *sigh* I must have done something really right.



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