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about the ditch I’ve been digging
and how I’ll dig myself out
and I think… or deeper
and the woe that I wallow in
isn’t welcome
but it’s warm and feels good
at my pity party
and I talk bad about everyone
in attendance
to their face, no less.
and i can feel the attention slipping
from my eyes as I
yes to death
the positive affirmations
that are flung my way
the truth is that
the comforts I seek
are not in cliches


… they’re talking about sending daddy to chemo. seems that whatever cancer we thought he licked a few years ago, has made a resurgence. I can’t say I really know how to process it all. I’m numb really. Numb and scared.

But you know… I gotta keep my head up and stay positive and look on the bright side and keep my eyes on the prize and things will get better and things could be worse and I’m lucky not to suffer like others and everyone goes through trials and it’s just temporary and I need to give off only good vibes and eliminate the negative and … NOT be afraid about losing my dad.



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