Texas Shenanigans, Pt IIIa

Categories: shenanigans, sorority stuffs, traveling

I just got back from the much anticipated Alpha party and much to my dismay it was wack. I really didn’t have a good time. All they did was stroll… just like every party. There were a lot of deltas at this party and they were rude and rowdy. I really grew a dislike for them today. But aside from that not much went on. The only notable thing that happened was that whatever happened between Dan and Vla on Monday came back to bite her in the ass. I felt really bad for her. More in the morning… I’m going to sleep. ‘Nite.

Okay… 8:23 PM now and I’m waiting on Vernie to go to the liquor store so we can go to the movies. I wonder how many of us are going to go cause it doesn’t look like too many of us are. But I’m really trying not to go to that Kappa party tonight… but it looks like we might. Be right back.



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