DAY 4 & DAY 5 – FBF

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Day 4  was an interesting one.  Really stuck to the plan but didn’t feel “hungry” all day.  I wonder if my body is IN ketosis because I should be hungry.  I ain’t eating shit. LOL  But then again there is SOOOOOO much for the body to make use of in the mean time.

Day 5 – I allowed myself to have a “lunch” of hummus, carrots and cucumbers along with the shake.  And I fasted for longer too – all the way to 1:30 ish. Again – not really “feeling” hungry.  I need to stay on top of the water intake because I get lazy for walking back and forth to the water cooler.

I got myself confused this morning because I was wondering why i don’t eliminate as much as the first few days.  Then I thought about it and realized – see the first line about what I ain’t eating.  So… nothing can actually… you know… come out. LOL  I hope my body’s making use of EVERYTHING.

My body feels different.  And I tell myself that’s all in my mind.  But someone else said to me “That’s where all the change begins…”  So… I FEEL A CHANGE ALREADY.  and I see it.  5 more weeks before everyone else does.

Hubby gave me an unsolicited pat on the back and an “I’m proud of you” today on sticking to my diet.  He also awoke me with kisses which was the best feeling I’ve had in a long time. Maybe this is what losing weight garners?  I suppose I should keep it going.

I get a cheat day this weekend.  I hope I don’t undo any progress.




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