Day 3 – FBF

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Did okay today.  Followed all the rules.  Realized that all of the appeal of a burger to me is in the bun.  So.  Meh – who needs those.   Not I.

I think Luke James is this world’s version of my alternate reality’s doctor (read here).  I think it’s why i dote so long on his image – I know him.  But not this world’s him.  And the timing is off.

Saw some old faces today as Braulio and Mr. Jonez stopped by and my Icy came for a visit as well.  Was happy with all of that.  Whisked away the lonely.

Got my Silversaver jewelry cabinet today.  Did some organizing of my baubles.  Found mommy’s ruby drop earrings.  Paused for a long time.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to disassociate them from the feel of her ice cold earlobes when I was removing them before they shut the casket.


Just paused again.

I’ll go to sleep.  More to come.




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