Say Anything

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Seems to be what New Yorkers are inclined to do. I’m standing on the platform this morning just minding my business. Well, really, minding my eyes. Some mixture of the right amount of cold in the air plus the wind made them a watery mess. So as I’m carefully dabbing away at the corners of my eyes for what seems like an eternity, waiting for a train to shelter me from the wind. Around the time that I’m dabbing away, this gentleman (I’m using that loosely based on what he’s about to say to me) comes up to me. Good looking man… chocolatey, but in my neighborhood, that could be a latin cocoa or dark chocolate. Very confident… he says to me… “You remind me of something funny someone once said, and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way…” Me, already backing away from the edge of the platform cause you just can’t trust anyone stood silent waiting for the “funny something” my raised eyebrows signaling him to continue. He leaned in and said with a smile, “They say that a woman with watery eyes has a wet… well… you know…” I panned away from him and was like… “Are you really saying this to me??” And he said, “I’m not trying to offend, I swear! I just had to share that with you, I thought it was funny.” And I responded… “Fair enough… but it’s a little rude, don’t you think? I don’t even know you.” He reached his hand out to introduce himself. “Francisco…and you are?” He said smiling. I thought about my hands having wiped my eyes left and right and then… do I REALLY want to know anyone who opens with a “watery eyes=wet pussy” line??? Not really. “Leaving,” I said. And walked to the other side of the platform. Amazing what folks will say.



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