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Okay… I’m completely grossed out at this time and I’m like on the verge of hork.

I went out to lunch again with DB, who since last night, had been fiending for a chicken fajita. This time, we went to Pizza Unos. We’re sitting there eating, laughing, talking, joking… all the standard fare. And I was drinking out of my Kahlua Cookie Monster, which I always order and I love. And since it’s made with ice cream and oreo cookies, every so often when you sip up, you get a little cookie and you chew. So I’m chewin… and something in my mouth… doesn’t quite have the consistency of cookie. Maybe… more like paper. (like writing paper). Not so bad. So I say, I don’t really want to swallow that, let me empty the contents of my mouth. And I did. Not to find paper…

But a big brown HAIR BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*dry heave*

I’m just so grossed out right now, I don’t even know what to say. Of course, I took it up with the manager and got our meal reduced (even though they really should have just given me the whole meal, but I was so mortified I didn’t even haggle.) And since then my mouth and throat are playing tricks on me. The roof of my mouth went numb… I keep feeling like I have hair in the back of my throat… kind a like Larry David had in that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where he “tried out” doing a little something different for his wife in the bedroom and a pubic hair wrapped around his epiglottis and he was horking the whole of the episode. I feel like horking now. Just all day long and my stomach is turning *sigh*.

On a lighter and much brighter note, my man, W, finally broke down and got himself a bloggy blog! GO W!!!! This is gonna be fun…. check it!

More later when I’m done horking…



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