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Yep… it’s 9:06… and i’m sitting here in my towel… not motivated to do ANYTHING. Dunno what to wear to work today… Dunno exactly how my day is going to go because I have SO much to do. Can’t wait to get on that plane, though. I need a vacation. Just mad that auntie’s joining us. Bitch. She KNOWS how to ruin a good thing. LMAO!!! Can’t let her stop me though. I’m seriously wishing that I’d get paid on Thursdays. This Friday shit is a drag. I need to beautify BEFORE I head to ATL. But it seems I’ll have to get down with it when I get there.

Teeshirt, jeans and sneakers are feeling alright with me right now. But cute… not frumpy. I can’t ever fall back into that again.

I’m procrastinating. I have shit to do.

Thank you to the AnonAngel that is praying for me. I need ALL the help I can get! Blogs rule!



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