The Engagement Photos

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I guess in my excitement to get them up there, I forgot to post over here that my Engagement Photos from the shoot at Rockefeller Center are here now! They look really beautiful and I’m expecting more tonight from RM.

can1 can2b can9 can11 can12
I have it all set up for voting so random folks perusing the site can give their 10 cents into what picture they think we should use. My baby likes Pose 11 in black and white… I like pose 12. But there are more coming so I hope that brings widened choices. Although I wouldn’t be altogether sad to be “stuck” with 12. It’s beautiful. Almost exactly what I wanted.

Today is slow at work. I narrowed down the contents of my inbox from 2300 to 524. *sigh* I’m sad that’s considered an accomplishment. But it’s been quiet this week. Most folks are on vacation and not in the office (not just here but overall). Lots of folks aren’t signed on to IM so I’m like in this desert wasteland of my own thoughts this week. Good place to be. The silence has allowed me to sort through the mire of what was troubling me for the last few months and came to some definitive decisions that I’m sure will make me have a brighter year coming up. I’m excited about that.

More later. 🙂



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