New Year’s Eve Wedding

Categories: dreams

Last night’s dream was the strangest of all. I dreamt that it was new year’s eve -I’mm not sure of what year. Most of this dream took place at my house. And it seems that the decision has been made for Earl & I to marry… That day. So we go about making the preparations for everything to happen that evening. Everything is very difficult to come by for this event… A dress, a pastor – just everything. I only truly remember that MTW was there as a guest of mine. It was nice to see her. I’ve been thinking about her quite a bit lately. So she was there in a friendly capacity. I remember Sug and Max being there and my family – minus Granny.

Where was Earl?- Seems that he went off with Frat brothers of his to get ready. Somehow I remember there being something about a stepshow to perform in that day but the vehement promise to be back in time. So we waited – and the 5:00 wedding was pushed back to midnight- what better time to take our everlasting vows then at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s eve. So we waited. Me in my plain white dress (the dress my Grandmother bought to attend my graduation which she never made it… but we buried her in it later) in the living room as my dad watched the game. And he didn’t show. He called around 1:00 AM with apologies. But by that time I had made up my mind about NOT going through with it. And that’s about the time that the alarm went off.


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