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Not too much happening lately. Life has really been kind of run of the mill lately. Struggle to wake… stagger to work… fight through the day… stay working late… come home exhausted… struggle to sleep. What a life. *sigh*

I was thinking about W & P today. They left for Haiti last night to go get their new family. I’m so anxious for them. I realize it means I’ll talk to him less. He’ll join other friends of mine down the black hole of family life. Again the exodus of my friends going to adulthood and me just standing a bit still. I marvel at the kind of lives that B & Wiz will have when they get up here. They’re going to be so well adjusted and loved and cared for. They would have never known a life like the one they’ll have. There are truly angels in this world.

Looks like I have to put my phone guard back up. Calls are coming through that I don’t need to field.

Off to sleep… or to wrestle with it.



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