Life after Death

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So Biggie and BoneThugs&Harmony are in my background right now as I type. I’m wired tonight. I need to get some sleep for work in the morning. But here I am… bobbing my head. “Who’s the killer… me or you?”

So I got my hair did tonight. It’s growing. I love it. I just need to feel that way about the rest of me (not that it’s growing, cause it isn’t…. but that I am in love with my body)…. slowly and surely. I’m feeling the ramble already. I’m not going to make this another nonsensical blog.

I broke my brain over the dumb gallery that I’m trying to build so I can make my life easier when I have these extravagant events that I decide to take 74 pictures at. But of course it works NOT. Why do I do these things to myself?┬áStaring at one line of code hoping that it changes… but it doesn’t… and no matter what I do to it… it outputs the same. *sigh*. I’ll try again tomorrow… Or I’ll just switch servers… this is bullshit.

Now listening to Ol’Dirty Bastard’s I Can’t Wait. This has to be the CRAZIEST song I’ve ever downloaded. I may link this one up so the world can hear it like I’m hearing it.

Okay… this is proof positive that I have NOTHING to say. Besides that I made it through the night… and I hope to make it through tonight… and I need some excitement (not like yesterdays). But like… really earthshattering mindblowing sex. But I have to wait to get that anyways. *sigh* Okay… now I’m going to sleep.

Ramble ramble ramble…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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