Safe Return

Categories: love & marriage, random musings

He came back safely THANK GOD. He didn’t tell me he caught the earliest flight out… so when I was expecting him to come home at 9:45… He was at my job at 4:15. Cause he caught the 7 AM flight out. What a glorious surprise. I was really dreading the 5:45 call saying “I’m getting on the plane”. I just knew it would have been 4 hours of non stop worrying on my part. So I’m really glad to have been spared that. I was so glad I didn’t know what to do with myself. I just kept smilin… I know my coworker thought I was crazy.

I had a flood of thought that I was going to blog tonight… but all of it rushed out of my head at the thought of my sweetums… so I’ll try again tomorrow 🙂



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