Anticipating your phone call…

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I had forgotten
how soft your skin was
And the memory of it
came back almost
too fast
as you grabbed me
unexpectedly to
sway to a
sentimental mood
electricity of days long gone
sparked between us.
I smile now
when I remember
holding your hand
in the car
You showed me our ring….
your ring.
as if to say to me…
see what you gave back?
see what you did?”
And I gazed upon it
Remembering times…
long gone…
I lace my life
with traces
of your presence.
hoping that if you
stumble across my existence
one day
or happen upon
a road I’ve trod
You’ll hear
and see
and witness
the effect you’ve had on me.
I know the anticipation
of your phone call
is in vain
You’ll never hear my out
going message
“Who told you
that it was alright to love me…”
and KNOW I was calling out to you…
like I did in days past
You’ll never know that in order
to ensure comprehension
I punctuate my points with
and when asked who I got
that from….
“Someone I knew in days passed”
I seek your softness
in others’ touch…
I taste for your kiss
on the mouth of another
I search for your soul
through someone else’s love…

I wonder where the days
passed to.
But I know we’ll never
be that way again.

8:54 PM

© Copyright 2003 – Thought’s Daughter

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