Watch the Gray

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A good day to sleep in and watch the gray come in through the windows. Or maybe clean my room (which is in a state of total disrepair). But my energy is way low today. I have to work some premiere event tonight, so I can’t even go straight home. I just want to strip … Read More

A Long Day but a Relaxing One.

Categories: figuring it out, good times, random musings

My baby and I continued our excess. Eating plenty, sleeping plenty… and just being all around each other. I can’t wait for my aunt to leave so that we can BE together *sigh* I swear I got more action when I was single *tee hee* Anyways… we went to go see this mansion up in … Read More


Categories: bad day, esteem, figuring it out

I aimlessly spend my days and nights searching for attention. I just want someone to notice me…. To the point where if the little cat on my screen for my Office 2000 meows at me… I get happy. She smiles at me… and I feel like someone’s paying attention. I don’t need 24 hour watch… … Read More