So… I CAN eat like pre-op… but I WON’T

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Life’s pace has definitely picked up with being back and work and all. The challenges of time have definitely been affecting me. Especially – time to eat right, time to make good decisions and time to log what’s been going on. I promised myself that I’d blog to keep up with my progress and empty out what’s in my head so I don’t lose track of the thoughts.

So 14lbs in the first week is a LOT to live up to. I haven’t lost that much more since – of course my scale is schitzo which is good in a way cause it keeps me off of there. But if I were to venture a guess from the last time i tried to sneak on there looks like i’m down another 2 or 4 lbs (depends on what direction I lean in on the scale LOL). So I’m down to either 222 or 224. I’ll go with 224 just so that anything less will pleasantly be surprised. I started to get a little bummed when I thought to myself – I’m down past 230 which I haven’t been in a long time AND yesterday when I got out of the car, the hubby called me “skinny girl” (which he seriously never gasses me unless it’s warranted). Clothes have been fitting WAY better… theres a bunch of NSVs (non-scale victories) to be had so I can’t get wrapped up in the numbers. What I do need to do though is make sure I incorporate enough exercise EVERY DAY. I go in on the weekends but I get so caught up on the weekdays. And I MUST make time to make my protein shake in the morning otherwise, the rest of the day falls like dominoes with poor decisions -whether it means that I’ll eat something I really shouldn’t be or decide not to eat at all – which is an equally bad decision.

Something I’ve learned since the swelling has gone down is that… I can totally eat just the way I used to. I think if I tried to throwback a bacon cheese burger… I could do it w/o getting “stuck” or “slimed” or any of that. But the beautiful thing is that… I HAVEN’T. The worst I’ve done was to have a hamburger patty with a little avocado. No bread, no bacon no nothing. And I ate it… SLOW. And I drank something 15 min later. So I get it. All this time before they actually activate you is to get you to train your own mind about what you need to be doing in order to be successful. Now i just have to keep it going, get some real activity in and watch the change roll in


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