Haves and the Have Nots…

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I have a very real fear about what is going to happen in the future for OUR people.  We’ve veered on to this decidedly “rachet” pathway and those of us who are not aren’t really willing to help those that are… and those that are – well, we’re not trying to provide enough example.  So downward goes their hope for something better.  And this next generation behind us cares EVEN LESS.  They’re all about self-preservation and whatever for the next man.  They claim that they’d help those that would want help, but as they hold themselves away from that faction of people, they wouldn’t really be able to sift through who want the help and who don’t.   If we were to say one out of every 100 would want help and want to “ascend” (you know… cause we’re so much better than they are…) how would we go about finding them.

This Lynchism has dug its roots deep… and is perpetuating itself even MORESO in this generation of me me me.  And they justify it because in some cases it means survival.  And I’m clear on that.  But they’re REALLY not about reaching back.

After attending Ms Jones’ funeral last night and hearing all the great she did (but never bragged about it)… and then thinking about my mom and how selfless she was with her assistance to those in the hospitals… I wondered… where did the deterioration begin?  I guess my generation has to look at itself.  Maybe that’s where the disconnect is.   I understand my mom did her job because she needed that paycheck.  But she didn’t have to be GREAT at it.  She really cared for all those sick people.  They would send letters and gifts to her, a nurses aide, for the kind of care she provided and the love, if I can use that word, that she lavished on them.  Ms Jones was selfless at work… going to work in pain herself, but knowing she needed to be there for those people to help them kick their addictions.  And they worked excessively hard to make sure that their families had to want for nothing.  So is it our fault because we don’t truly know what it is to be in need?   Is it our fault because we’re too comfortable on the perch our parents worked hard to build to keep us away from what they saw as negative forces that now we won’t even reach in and help?

God, show us the way… We are ONE people.  Rachet or not… when we’re looked at by others we’re all niggers.  And only we can help one another.



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