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It was just a regular Friday morning when it became the most extraordinary Friday of this life right here.

After readying myself for the work day and heading down to the MIL’s apt to bid my cherub adieu for the day, we went through the regular routine. I chased her around the room with tickles and kisses and praises of how big she is and how smart she is. When the time begins to tick away and I need to be on my way, I pick her up and kiss her face and say “Be a GREAT girl! Have a GREAT day.” Usually I say “mommy loves you”. But not for any other reason than to get her to start associating me with the word “mommy”. She normally giggles and continues to play or wave me good bye. Today I said “Be a GREAT girl! Have a GREAT day. I love you!” And without missing a beat she replied “I love you, too.” And I hesitated for just a moment – wondering if I had imagined it…. And my MIL said “well, you heard it loud and clear. She loves you too. And you are the first person she chose to tell. Earl is going to be jealous!”

Man…. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!!! ATHENA TOLD ME SHE LOVES ME TOO!!!!

My sweet cherub goddess loves me…. And she said it…. And I heard and understood. Nothing can bring me down today. Not. A. Thing.



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