19 Weeks

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Moving right along. No serious events over the last few weeks. We got a glimpse of her twice this past week and we firmly believe that she’ll be a night baby, this one. Unlucky for us. When we have morning appointments, she barely moves around. She’s pretty tired, I guess… but when we have evening appointments she is just dancing up a jig. Either way, I love to see her moving and progressing. She has 2 arms and 2 legs and it looks like both hands have 5 fingers each and both feet have 5 toes each. ? It’s the little things that one can be super grateful for. I can’t wait to feel her. I am tricking myself into believing that I haven’t yet. It’s still all gas and bubbles – which I experience more of more often now. More belching and repeating of my food, which I’m being told is called “acid reflux” but if it’s just a result of the movement of the organs, I won’t heavily medicate for it. Earl bought me a Snoogle this week. If it were human, I’d leave Earl for this glorious piece of cotton and cloth. It’s AMAZING. I sleep through the night with NOOOOO problems!! It’s quite mind boggling how wonderful it is. But it does cause quite a significant barrier between the hubster and I. I don’t think he minds it so long as I’m comfy – or at least that’s what I tell myself.

I’m getting a little of my energy back so I’m able to stay up later than I was before. Not that I’m hating on the extra sleep I’m getting. Baking a human is big work. Belly is showing more. People want to touch it and stuff. Hasn’t yet gotten to the point of annoyance. I just can’t imagine total strangers in NY wanting to interact with each other on such an intimate level. But I’ve been surprised before. Got a little scare at the doctor when they said that from 2 weeks ago she dropped from her growth being in the 65th percentile to being in the 44th percentile. I was really beating myself up. But then I read on a website that between 90 and 10 percentile was considered normal for a fetus. The bottom line on that is that I HAVE to stop worrying so much. I just worry about this little girl all the time. I know that is a trend I’ll follow for the next … rest of my life. But I gotta take it easy.

Talked to my ls this past week and she was giving me some tips and tricks about c-section. There is a surprising lack of information when it comes to c-section because even though there are a LOT more elective ones, they still treat it as an emergency procedure. Earl will be the first one to hold the baby. I was able to share that good news with him and he’s all giddy with the prospect of it. He’s afraid he won’t know how to hold her and how delicate she’ll be that he won’t know his own strength because she’s so precious. I have complete confidence that he’ll do great. And I’m happy he’ll hold her first. He has wanted this more than anything so it seems very fitting.

We realized after much thought and careful examination that we’ll probably be living here for the first 6 months of the baby’s life. So we’ll set up the right wall of our bedroom as her “nursery” and when we move, she’ll have her own room. I hope this is a good decision. But we don’t really have a choice. The office which would have become the nursery is not predictable with the temperature. At least in the winter, the bedroom’s temp is controllable. So that argument won out. So I’ll pick a pretty pink to decorate the wall with and make it as much her room as it is ours.

Gonna have to start storing a bunch of stuff ?



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