Yeah… I know.

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I’ve been seeing you out of the corner of my eye little blog… I know you’re here.

I wish I had more time to write. More time to sleep. More time for freelance. More hours in the morning. More hours at night. But I don’t.

And I suppose I’ll just have to make time. Because I am deserving.

Even if I just come on here and say things really quick and keep it moving… Which is what I may have to do. These thoughts have to go somewhere.

Where am I at? 2 1/2 months into the new job – loving it immensely. It’s changing my life in a lot of wonderful unexpected ways. Probably going to rejoin the IVF process in November so i am and am not looking forward to that all at once. I think my hair is falling out due to the lack of all those chems in my body. So I think I’ll BC again for my birthday. That should be fun – how many times does one get to start over in life? I’m loving Drake’s album. Probably more than I should. But it’s smooth and uptempo all at once. Some of the tracks make me feel like it’s a Sade song. It’s weird. Insanity is kicking my ass for real – my endurance is up like CRAZY, but I’m not SEEING the results that I’d like. So I might consider shifting into something else. I started pulling oil again a few weeks ago – coconut. Yummy detoxification ? and I’m starting a cleansing detox today (oooh fun).

Overall, I’m feeling really good. I still miss mommy and daddy terribly. I’m fighting growing old. I’m learning to love certain situations in the hopes that my love will turn it all around for me. Staying positive has saved me so many times… I’m not about to stop today.

So… hopefully more quick hit posts will be coming soon. Stay tuned for those!

This morning’s Song is Drake’s Shut It Down


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