Dirty Five and ALIVE!

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For giving me light. For giving me strength. For giving me hope and teaching me lessons. For guiding my hand and assuring my step. For loving me tough when that needed to happen. For inspiring my heart and enlightening my mind. For showing beauty where I though it was lacking. For soothing me with peace and animating me with joy. For standing by quietly and giving me backing. Forgiving me. For holding me close or walking away. Even the hurts have helped me to grow. This life I live; this intenseness I feel; the skip in my step; the glow in my smile….

I feel because every day you allow me to be me and love me deeply… ANYWAY!!!

I feel AMAZING today and increasingly everyday! I’m super happy and excited this morning… I couldn’t even stay asleep. My mommy visited me in a dream last night. She let me know that it’s alright to let go… but I can ALWAYS come and visit to reminisce in a good way… and that’s what I’ll do. Best birthday gift she could have given. My heart feels light and the world is flawless in my eyes today. It’s my BIRTHDAY… and y’all who know… know I LOVE this day. And I celebrate it fiercely whether I have just 5 people or 500 (I’m opting for the latter this year so stay tuned for the details) But I ALWAYS have felt extra special about the day I was born. How else would I be subject to such WONDERS??? This world… despite it’s obvious horrors and disappointments is full of amazing miracles… tangible and unseen. I’m deeply humbled and honored to be a part of it every day that I am.

So the song I woke up in my head is playing the soundtrack to everything I do today and it’s an ode to everyone in my life!! So turn up the volume and get your Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers on!!! (Facebook friends – click on the link to come to my blog and dance with the rest of us)



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