No Worse News.

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I used to cringe at the sound of any of my phones – home, cell or other. Everytime it rang, I knew there was gloom waiting on the other end of it. I knew it would be a bad situation. Especially if it came from one of the family members. There was ALWAYS bad news then. Something completely heart breaking that I would have ABSOLUTLEY NO control over.

The fact of the matter is now… that there is NO WORSE NEWS… than hearing that my mother has passed on from this earth. So I answer my phone with no fear now. I sat in a meeting where they informed us that they let go members of our workforce and the remaining ones would get a 3% pay cut in addition to more expectations as far as work load and expectations. I’ve had to work 2 days non stop from 11 AM – 3 AM to meet a goal at work. *shrugs*

No worse news.

I watched the 30 minute message that Barack gave 2 nights ago on my computer this morning at work (cause I was AT work when he delivered it originally). And I cried. At my desk. He talked about his mom, who died of cancer. And how lonely a process that was for her. And how she never got to meet her grandchildren. And how instead of spending her final days focusing on getting better, she poured over insurance forms from one employer to the next because everyone was pointing fingers at each other about who should pay for her well being. And suddenly, Mr. Barack Obama was truly right with me… where I’d been for the last 10 months. It was all I could do not to sob audibly so as to alert my co workers. But I cried. Good and hard. Because… he really gets it. Sad. Typing this, I get teary eyed because of the way he connected with ME on that message. And I’m in AWE, and AMAZED and SO VERY HOPEFUL. More hopeful than I’ve been in a REALLY LONG TIME about what being an American can mean to me again… And I watched Charles meet Barack. And his elder words of wisdom covered me and reminded me of my mom, my dad and my grandmother. And when he lamented about not being here in 4 or 5 years… his mortality was so real. But his HOPE for the future was STRONGER

McCain winning on Tuesday.

Yeah… that’s actually REALLY bad news…



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