I Want My Mommy

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One thing people never tell you as you age and mature – along with the wealth of wisdom they’re usually willing to impart with you is that reaction, that basic instinctual response to distress or hurt NEVER. EVER. LEAVES YOU. Almost 34 years old, I experienced a level of emotional pain that regressed me to almost saying that phrase with a sob yesterday. Of course you don’t actually say the words but the general sentiment / desire is there. The want to run to her and have her envelope you in her arms, stroke your head and ears and allow you to cry or be scared or feel defeated for just long enough until she says the words that ONLY FEEL GOOD WHEN SHE SAYS THEM::

It’s ok baby. Everything will be alright.

Think of how many other people you’ve heard say that to you in times of crisis. Honestly…. Did you ever believe any of them as much as you did your mom?

There was a protection in those words that made you KNOW you’d be alright. That somehow, she might help you. Protect you. Advocate for you and then truly…. All would end up being righted. And at the very least, she would be that shore you could return to when the waters of life proved to be too choppy. No matter how old – there with a warm touch, a soft gentle word and maybe even your favorite meal or dessert to comfort further.

It’s truly adulthood when you realize that you can’t have your mommy and you MUST figure it out on your own. It’s the emotional equivalent of standing in the middle of a desert alone and seeing the sandstorm whipping around on the horizon.



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