Mama’s Still Got It

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Mama’s Still Got It

I guess today, I really needed to hear that I do. It was a terrible esteem day for me today. Seems like all I end up doing is blowing up like a damned balloon. I’m fatter and fatter everytime I turn around although the scale never moves. But my clothes get tighter and tighter. There’s no respite for me. All my chapter sorors have started calling me the names of the bigger sorors in the chapter… I guess cause we all look alike now. And it silently breaks my heart. And although those women are LOVELY… I think to myself – “am I really that big?” – It could just be that all folks who aren’t skinny look alike to skinny people. And I’m DEFINITELY not in the “skinny” quotient anymore. Plus… I got yet another rejection last night… I stopped asking why.

So I was skulking about the planet… wondering why I’m even here and decided to go to my local and favorite artery blocking assister – Burger King. Now – I gotta tell you about the Burger King in my neighborhood. It’s really hood. Like – you gotta REALLY want some Burger King cause you just be waiting for them to kill the cows and harvest the lettuce and tomatoes. But it’s the only Burger King for MILES. So I’m there just having made my order when this massive SUV pulls up and has these… FLOOD lights just illuminating everything in my car. In futility I flipped the rearview mirror upwards to attempt to mitigate the blindness. And I’m expecting like any good kid from the hood, whoever it is will continue to blind me until I drive away, but this person eventually turns off the headlights after they make their order. And I sat there thinking to myself… gee… I’m not the only one who gives a rats ass about the next person, huh. So I sat there hanging out of my window a bit, waiting for the woman to come back to the revolving sliding window (yes… that’s the steelo in Brookland it seems) indirectly listening to the music in the person’s SUV behind me… it’s so loud… why not listen to it. Then the person flipped the station or mp3 track and “American Boy” by Estelle was playing. So I started to sing along… when I heard a male voice yell from behind me “I hear you singing along girl!!!” and I girlishly started to giggle – he caught me. I was. He said it again… and I responded “yeah… I was … ain’t shit else to do while waiting for my food…” He said… “yeah, I’m not used to this… the BK I go to is all fast and stuff.” Knowing that he couldn’t’ve been talking about anywhere near here, I asked… “so where is YOUR BK?” He responded “The Bronx”. I told him that for real you gotta be FIENDIN’ for some BK to come here… but it’s ALWAYS like this. Through my rear view, I saw him get out of his car. He was moderately tall, lightskinned, slim, cute “my type” if my type was EVER attracted to me – which they’ve NEVER been… he walked up to my window and introduced himself “Kyle. Nice to meet you.” I’m struggling to remember if I said my name at all, but I did say “Hi Kyle, it’s a pleasure.” I’m sure he caught a glimmer from my wedding set up. I thanked him for shutting off his highly powerful headlights. He said he realized it was a bit much for the BK Drive in. He returned to his car… I then started getting my meal (finally)… and he said, “You know? This was the nicest conversation I ever had at a drive thru… I dare say… ever…” I blushed. It was a well positioned “Hitch” line, considering that he didn’t force the issue or try to get my number. He told me to enjoy my BK and I wished him the same as he reiterated what a nice conversation he felt this was and thanked me for not treating him like a crazy person. LOL.. I was too tired to do that… and too in need of a little ego push. He was just what the doctor ordered. And I drove away.

So to Kyle in the Bronx with the fast BK in his neighborhood….

Thanks 🙂



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