Bad Commute…

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Bad Commute

Stank No- Respectin’ Heffa
(to the tune of ” Trick Ass Bitch” – by Maxine E. b.k.a. VIXEN 5)

No one exists in this world but you.

We’ve all been put here as extras in YOUR grand epic story.
I should understand.
The spoils of the world were designed
for your singular enjoyment
you Stank
No Respectin’ Heffa.
All public domain is your personal
playground for you to flaunt
your LACK
of manners…
How much yo’ mama wasn’t around
and how much yo’ daddy didn’t care
So you talk at the top of your lungs on the bus
poppin’ ur gum and
suckin’ your teeth.
and you sit in spaces
for your baby fattie.
Your bad ass kids need not apologize for their
being bereft of human courtesy and
you needn’t apologize for them either
this is your world – if they don’t know, they had betta ax somebody.
Your fare on the subway was paid in gold bullion
which gives you more privilege than the rabble, we know.
And your generous fare pays the
peons that should pick up your mess five feet from the garbage
but you didn’t feel like walking – so you threw it on the floor.
And spit wherever you’d like…
This is your MTA…
Also, that move you learned from your grandpa
where you blow your nose
with no tissue?
So we get it…
Bumpin’ into us requires no acknowledgment
and looking at the person you assailed with heat is warranted.
After all – you’re queen of the world and you’re only riding with us cause your limo’s in the shop.
Keep on blastin’ your iPod loud enough for us
to all sing you along your way to the welfare office
you foul-mouthded
no dressin’
no manners havin’
baby manufacturin but no parenting skill havin’
dirty assed
no respectin’

Have a lovely day.

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