The S. Carolina Chronicles – Post III – The Finale!

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The S. Carolina Chronicles – Post III – The Finale

Yep… already –

As one can imagine, the events of the weekend went by pretty quickly… especially the wedding day itself- lots of rippin and running. I thought I’d get an opp to sit down and blog… but no such luck. If I wasn’t out exploring the vastness of Columbia South Carolina courtesy of my Garmin Street Pilot (which I’m in love with, by the way), I was somewhere doing SOMETHING for the wedding itself.

This’ll be a short post because my flight back tomorrow morning is at 6:25 AM… so (again) I need to be up at 4:30 to be on time for that flight.

The wedding – simply beautiful. Not extravagant. Not expensive. Beautiful. And overflowing with love. It’s a BLESSED thing to have a FAMILY – a real one. Not just a bunch of folks with titles. Everything was to the point and sweet, just like my LS. She was radiant. Her gown was a sparkle-y dream and she glided down the aisle with ease. At one point I thought the ecstasy of the day was going to over come her and she’d pass out, but she got past that really quick too. Everything went smoothly (despite her extreeeemely ghetto wedding planner that I immediately didn’t like – more on that some other time).

And when I thought I’d have the energy to edit each photo I took and post some tonight – I don’t. Sorry folks…u’ll get ’em tomorrow.

South Carolina is a different kind of place, y’all. At least the piece of it I got to witness. Family DOES mean a lot, contrary to what the media tells us about the Black Family. There was a family reunion in the hotel I was staying in… and the hotel was overrun with attendees of this reunion (much to the dismay of the good white folks who were spending their greener money this same weekend – these cats wouldn’t even get on the elevators with us). And although in the nighttime, Niggerville, USA did rear it’s head… the attendance was everyone from new born babies to matriarchs 90 and up. Family does matter.

There’s also a simplicity here… something completely uncomplicated about their lives. There’s so much… over-sophistication in New York. No one I met this weekend uses any sarcasm or witty quips. A joke is a joke. They laugh out loud. No need to be coy or whimsical. Their relationships seem to be what you observe them to be. Everyone who was married ACTED like a married couple. Regardless of whether they were married 2 years or 32. Stuff is really plain and straight up here. They don’t even DRINK. (at least the folks I met). I could see myself living a life like this one day. (Minus the everyone being Hayzoosified… I can do w/out everyone looking to salvage my already saved soul).

Ultimately, though…

I can’t wait to get home. Bring on the complex sophistication and the mimosas in the morning… I’m on my way,…

(plus I sorely miss my sweet baby’s soft skin… but you know I don’t tell all that kind of detail ;))



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