The S. Carolina Chronicles – Post I

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The South Carolina Chronicles – Post I

I am now on an US Airways Express flight (read: tiny plane) on my last leg to South Carolina for my Line Sisters’ wedding. As is custom with me, I enjoy writing a blog in my word document about the goings ons, and then posting them to blogger when I have an opportunity.

Surprisingly, my flight experience with my brother last month hasn’t made me entirely shook from the experience of flying. As a matter of fact, it’s actually made me more confident about these bigger planes. As small as the plane was that we were flying and as much turbulence as it withheld and responded to negatively, these bigger planes are the way to go. How much bigger? Bigger than a Cessna. Period. LOL

So, my minds been racing lately with a million thoughts and ideas. As always. Married life is very interesting. My hubby and I have started seeing a counselor. For this, I’m grateful. I’ve been lobbying for this for great than 4 years of our relationship. Why? Because we aren’t perfect. Nor are we the beacon of Black Love, contrary to popular opinion. We have our hang ups… and our down falls. And I don’t want either of those to toll the bell on our love. We can get past it. We just need professional help for some of that shit. So our 2nd session is Sunday when I get back from the wedding (which – although I love my line sister, I can’t wait to get back to NY because… South Carolina. Need I say more). I got so dolled up to go somewhere where I can’t catch a wicked tan or get a full body massage. I digress. I’m looking forward to the session to see what we can discover / uncover and heal.

When I get to SC, I’ve got my first experience with a rental car. Me. My own. Cause I’m like… 1 year into this driving thing. And although I’ve received MANY a compliment from my peers (ones who I respect their driving acumen) I’m still a new jack in the game. So I’ll have my first rental car. I just hope everything goes smoothly. I hate having problems at the rental spots. They’re so unforgiving and… quite frankly… kind of ass holes about certain policy things. Like Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards. They nauseate me. E and I have run in to many a problem. (it’s cold on here). So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I also requested a car w/GPS… because…. SOUTH CAROLINA. Right and Queens over here representing. So… I hope it works and doesn’t get me more lost than anything else would have.

I’m especially pensive on this trip. This is my first “alone” trip in a long while. Last time I took a trip somewhere alone for a non business reason… I was swinging single… probably going to do some single things and enjoy myself (maybe a little too much). Now… I’m grown… married… gainfully employed… living away from my birth home… I’m all grown up and I’m not quite sure when that happened. I posted a pic of me as a 10 year old on my Facebook page and I swear those days feel so tangible. Like… I remember loving that blue dress yesterday. Or… knocking my brother’s tooth out when he was teaching me how to box at 6 years old… that was … last week, right? Or that horrible sinking feeling I got when I gave my first valentine to the boy I had a crush on (Alain – I still remember his name). in the 4th grade and his terrible terrible reaction. (Consequently, that was the same day I went home and prayed for who I now believe to be my husband – nice work Lord!). I don’t feel 32. And I guess that’s a good thing.

My body is starting to act 32, though. I need a plan of action soon. I was enjoying my foray into the fat-happiness of newlywed-ism… but I’ve started to huff and puff if I walk more than a few blocks. THEREFORE… I declare that I’ll stop enjoying the laziness of laying around and eating fast food and get up and do something about it. I joined Weight Watchers through the company (again) but this time if I attend all the sessions I get a full refund on the program. AND – if I lose 20 or more lbs, I’ll get like a 500 reward. Not to say that I’m motivated extrinsically, but those give me the no-excuse clause to get my act together. For a few months, I had seriously considered the lap-band procedure. I’m not heavy enough for the Gastric Bypass (thankfully)… but I figured I could use some help. But you know what… I was seeing some amazing results from the walking I was doing to lose weight for my wedding. If I could just be consistent… I shouldn’t need the lap band stuff. I just gotta find my focus.

It’s time for me to sit and map out my next 5 year planning… .I’ve been latent in doing so. I’ve reached the last planned plateau and it’s now time to push forward. I get stuck for so long in these holding patterns when I don’t plan.

So GREAT AND POWERFUL VICTORIA … whaddaya want? (Over the Hedge reference… go see it)

1) I want kids if it’s at all naturally possible. If not… I’ll adopt. But I REALLY want them to come from me and E. The joy of looking at my mom and seeing myself and vice versa is something I want to experience from HER perspective. If my plumbing is right… I want to give it a try. Or four… 🙂

2) I want a home. A home to call my very own. Renting sucks. I’m paying for my landlady to go gallivanting wherever she wants…adding to her personal wealth whilst I struggle to make ends meet. It’s time for us to be in a position of control. Right now, I’m willing to go the condo route, but something always sat wrong with me about owning a piece of a floor in a building… and not the whole building and the land it’s on. But I can get past that to pay down on something that we “own”

3) I would like to have a higher paying salary, directing something… a department, a project.. something where I can learn more and grow

4) Kind of a piggy back off of number 1… I need to get my health in check. I’m so afraid that I have so many ailments floating around in my body… it’s time for me to start confirming them and have a plan of action.

Gee… I can’t seem to think of anything else. In a nutshell those are the large goals. All of them money intensive .. so number 3 is pretty pivotal.

My wedding ring & engagement ring was giving quite the dazzling light show a few minutes ago against the plane wall.

Pretty impressive there, Mr. Fleary…

Anyhow… I’m gonna take a breather… pack up… this flight is almost over and the trip it self… not far behind



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