He Love…d Me…

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He Love…d Me…

As if it’s not been hard enough to get up in the morning (or stay awake for that matter…)

JILL SCOTT: Divorce Neo-Soul Style

Posted Jun 15th 2007 11:50AM by Karu F. Daniels
By Karu F. Daniels, AOL Black Voices

Jill Scott and Lyzel Williams during happier times (in 2005). The two are going through divorce proceedings after five years of marriage. It’s official.
After months of rumors and speculation, The BV Newswire has confirmed that Jill Scott is headed to splitsville.

The two-time Grammy Award winning neo-soul powerhouse is “going through divorce proceedings” with her longtime lover and husband of five years Lyzel Williams, an insider confirmed.

The two were married in the fall of 2001 during a private Hawaiin ceremony during a vacation.

Williams, who, at the time, was a much an in-demand graphic artist and DJ, dated Scott for seven years before the nuptials took place.

“We went to the club, we hung out, we danced, we shook it up, we drank, we partied,” she spoke of Williams in an interview with ‘Launch’ in 2001. “But we also went to carnivals, and we took long walks. I enjoyed his company so much. I’m glad I can say I’m such, so resoundingly blessed to have him in my life.”

He was the source of inspiration for many of her compositions, notably the fan favorite ‘He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)’ — which has been reinterpreted by gospel powerhouse Karen Clark-Sheard, and sang onstage by Beyonce Knowles.

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