The Little Things

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The Little Things

I’m grateful for

  • The amazing patter of the rain on our sky lights that fills our apartment with sweet, natural music
  • My hubby’s morning ritual of kissing my sleeping face on the way in and out of the room as he prepares for his commute
  • The sound of my mommy’s voice
  • Sincere praise and appreciation from my superiors and elders
  • Hope
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Vehicular transportation instead of train rides
  • The gentle rock of train rides that calms your brain into a lull
  • Really good, meaningful new music
  • True friends that you know you’d do anything for and would do anything for you
  • A really good hug
  • My hubby’s smile
  • My brother’s dreamer nature
  • Marble pound cake from starbucks
  • Quiet
  • My ability to go up and down a set of stairs
  • Being gainfully employed
  • My sense of touch
  • Vibrant colors
  • Dry mounds in puddles by the curb to help you jump over
  • That feeling that rushes through you when you complete a task
  • A great night of sleep
  • My hubby’s skin
  • A good belly laugh

*sigh* 🙂



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