I Miss Those Days

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I Miss Those Days

I miss the days of being in love



I miss the helpless hopeless feeling of the skipped beat or the stuttered word

living on the edge of a constant heart pounding anticipation…

That fidgety when he locks eyes with you

clammy palms when touching you

Tongue stuck dry to the roof of your mouth when he holds you


the late night phone calls that evoke the sun

the drawn out silences full of comfort and wonder.

The guts leaping at the sound of the doorbell or the ding of a new email…

I miss those days.

I miss being the one that’s missed

knowing my voice uttering his name gives hime the same butterflies I feel when I say it

I miss goosebumps and
long savory unintentional soft kisses

I miss running away knowing he’s coming right behind because he needs me as much as I need him

I miss the feeling of not being able to stay mad

I miss being the prey that’s caught and the one that got away

I miss being adored.

I miss being in love.

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