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This weekend was pretty quiet. Overcast wherever we went but not necessarily rainy and just quiet overall. We traveled to DC this weekend to witness the marriage of one of Earl’s longtime frat & and friends.

Driving down was cool – we split the ride into 3 parts and I took the 2nd leg (from the end of NJ through to Baltimore). I think Earl probably chose this for me because it was a straight away – no turns. No exits. Just 2 / 3 lanes and a whole lotta speed. I earned my new nickname “Vicky Bobby” cause I was goin fast. Pushin the pedal down and feeling the car grip to the road and just tear it up was a serious rush. I took the same leg back with a little more cargo in the car (another of my baby’s Frat). The iPod was plugged in and I was singing down the highway. It was pretty cool. So: sidestreets? Check! highways? Check! Bridges? Check! Interstates? Check! Now I just need to conquer a tunnel and i’m ready to go anywhere!!!

The wedding was really simple and sincere. It is the first non- christian wedding I ever attended. It was a strange feeling not really knowing the calls and reponses (besides the whole As-Salaam’Alaikum thing – and that’s from being too much of a 70’s kid). But the colorful garb was breathtaking and the sheer sincerity in the words they spoke moved me. They were already genuinely happy and ready to spend the rest of their lives together. I do wish them the very best. Pictures in my gallery, y’all.

On my way to the job piece…


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