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Today started out as a day that may have gone well with some minor adjustments – like waking up a tad bit earlier and being more diligent in my work this weekend. I woke up “on time” for the most part and put together a pretty nice outfit. Walked out of the house feeling pretty confident I’d make it JUST in time for my 10 o’clock. Even had a transit worker do the whole follow-me-make-smalltalk-possibly-get-my-number action (more on that later). Then I got to the 1,2 and 3 trains to transfer – still making good time – power outage. Harrrumph. Much milling about and confusion of the lemmings to find alternative ways to jump off the cliff drove me above ground to collect myself. After some thought – i’m on the E train to my destination. I hope this isn’t going to be this way all day *sigh*


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