Human Compassion

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Human Compassion
Well, the transit strike is over. And it’s just in time for my 4 day weekend. Joy. *sigh* I guess I now have to hustle and get my holiday shopping in and make sure it gets done. I’ve been given a list of things to make sure I acquire for Christmas (this from the same folks that do ALL THEY CAN to dampen MY christmas spirit — but I guess because once upon a time they wiped my butt and changed my diapers and stayed up late nights caring for me when I was sick… I owe them something. Some … eternally indebted thing…)

But of course before the end of the strike I got another blow to the temple. Here is the conversation I had with a higher up when I got in to the office at roughtly 11:30 but having been lucky enough to be a part of a car pool.

Her: are you just getting here?
Me: Yeah, today’s commute was so much better than yesterday’s. *smiling*
Her: but it’s still late…
Me: …………..
Me: *thinking i’m taking crazy pills* ……… there’s…. a …. TRANSIT STRIKE…..
Her: well, can’t you find a car pool that leaves earlier?
Me: ………. *thinking about how i didn’t have to walk 67 blocks today and the carpool was a blessing any ole way*…. No one leaves from my area… It was a fluke that I got into this one AT ALL
Her: well, you need to keep me abreast of your travels if you’re going to be this late.


At that point there was absolutely NOTHING more I could say. She, of course, lives IN the city and can walk from her house. But everyone’s commute is that easy, right? I started to think that maybe I was the only one experiencing the the transit strike then… Oh… wait… no. There were only 600 people online with me that day. So it’s probably for just the 601 of us. And I really had NO excuse at all. When I relayed this story to my co workers the question was asked, “C’mon… where is the basic human compassion??” I guess I was never expecting any. I’m thinking… I haven’t been from anyone really. Why bother. This world is so bottom line oriented. The ends justify the means. So… it doesn’t matter how it happens… as long as it gets done the way it was supposed to be.

*catching my last carpool during this craziness… i’ll be back*



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