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Him: I was thinking about you all day…
Me: Really? What made you think of me?
Him: Honestly?
Me: Preferrably.
Him: Well, I was at a Cafe at work. And I ordered a 16 oz. hot chocolate and I sipped it. I wanted it sweeter. It was sweet, but I wanted it sweeter… I wanted something sweet and creamy… And well… You know… I thought of you.

I was disappointed. I was hoping to (and always hope to) hear… I was thinking about your company… Or our long walks through the city. I was thinking about the lilt in your laugh or the sun of your smile. I was thinking about your swagger and your style. I was thinking about the way you kissed me with caring or your gentle and exacting touch to soothe me. I was thinking about waking up to you and knowing it made my day right. I was thinking about how we would steal away from the world a few minutes that were worth hours and hours that would fuel days. I was thinking about how much you taught me and how you re-instilled in me that I had knowledge worth sharing. I was thinking about how I missed my chance to be with you….

When is a guy going to think of me for more than my neverending legs, plentiful bosom and caramel skin… I thought. When will the lesser thoughts be of the ways my voice sings or any thing I may do to invoke thoughts of sweet creaminess? When is a man going to truly want ALL OF ME… Not just my body????

Oh yeah… I’m marrying him.

Never mind!



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