To Isis

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To My Dear Friend Isis, on Her Wedding Day:

My heart is so full at this time I don’t know where to begin. I met you and I never knew that you would have this kind of effect on my life. I never dreamed that I’d feel this close to you or have this kind of friendship with you. I met you and it was the most random of meetings. And I made your acquaintance face to face and you were the epitome of all the things I was told a Lady should be and I’ve always admired you. Watching you today with your new husband and your sweet baby boy… and having been there in your life when they both didn’t exist in your world has allowed me to witness such a transformation. I am in AWE of the works of the Lord. Seeing little Devin running around and being just adorable, and remembering when you called me that day to tell me you were pregnant with him. Seeing you pledge your life to Eric and remembering the numerous calls where you couldn’t understand why this cat kept calling. And now seeing the three of you together — watching Devin call him “Papy” and him calling to and depending on you… I got choked up just thinking about it. I love how happy you are. And how happy those around you are. Because you deserve it. And it’s about time!

Congratulations my sister. I love you and your family and wish them nothing but the very best in all facets of life. I look forward to being witness to all your familial wonders. God bless!



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