What I’ve Learned This Weekend

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What I’ve Learned This Weekend

  • I learned that I look damned good in a mask for a masquerade ball
  • I learned that the stronger you initiate a hug, the better it is on both parts
  • I learned that some folks make aging look like… it isn’t agony.
  • I learned that at 70 after your children have married and your husband has passed, you can still dance a fox trot and smile if you want to
  • I learned that I enjoy the company of others and especially helping others
  • I learned that after a year of being engaged, I still feel giddy about the day that he proposed
  • I learned that all my memories of high school are STILL dear and close to my heart.
  • I learned that project heat is a MUTHER FUCKER
  • I learned that I could cram 3 or 4 things into one weekend day and still feel rested when its over
  • I learned that if I put my mind to it, I can drink an entire 2 litre of Schwepps Ginger Ale.
  • I learned that no matter HOW MUCH YOU CLEAN, roaches will persevere. And there is MUCH to be learned from their resilency. Gotdayumed maggots *grumble grumble*
  • I learned that disease can strike quickly and come frighteningly close to taking a close loved one OR even a marginal acquaintance away… and make you SO MUCH more loving when you do see them again.
  • I learned that at 31, I can still make new great friends
  • I learned that at 31, I can still look up to people and aspire to be more than I am
  • I learned that I’d have more leverage to borrow the car if I had a license.
  • I learned that daylight savings time can screw up your body clock something aweful…

G’nite 🙂



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