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I cannot believe this.

I can’t believe that 4 more years of my life are going to slip away before I can expect any positive change in this country. 4 more years of constant orange alert and fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time because of SOMEONE ELSE’S PERSONAL BEEF. 4 more years of being laid waste to and lied to and decieved and smiled at the whole time being fed arsenic and told that it’s good for me and good for the country. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS GOVERNMENT. I THINK THEY HATE ME BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE IN ANY NORMALCY AT ALL. AND I WOULD LEAVE IF I COULD BUT THIS COUNTRY HAS MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO STACK CHIPS ENOUGH TO DO WITH MY LIFE AS I PLEASE.

So I HAVE NO CHOICE but to lay here and let them have their way with me and my family my beliefs and my rights.

There was no promise that Kerry would have made it better. But MAYBE MAYBE it would have been different. That slight hope that things didn’t have to stay the same.

Now I’m thinkin… Kerry wasn’t the one to lead us anyways. How fuckin’ fast did he concede. NO fight. No nothing. He’s just gonna lay on his stomach and prop up his ass like the rest of us and opt out of using any vaseline at all.




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